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January 9, 2013
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KRATOS Mobile Artillery Armor MKI by Jasper77Wang KRATOS Mobile Artillery Armor MKI by Jasper77Wang
Mark I Mobile Artillery for the NLR vs Solar Empire group contest [link]

KRATOS Mobile Artillery Armor MKI

Suitable for frontline use and manufactured and designed by KRATOS Tech, Mark I is intended for heavy frontline support. Combining agility with firepower, this allows the suit pilot to constantly change positions with relative ease while raining down shells on the enemy frontlines.

The main cannon has two fire modes, Prism Gun mode and normal Shell mode. The prism gun has a much higher rate of fire, and is located just below the main barrel. It is intended for defense uses, and was not designed for offense. Shell mode has a combination of excellent range and firepower.
Main cannon features:
-Heavy support arm for recoil control and increased accuracy.
-High capacity quick-reload clip, housing 20 KRATOS HV shells.
-KRATOS High Velocity shells, with increased blast radius and range.

Helmet features:
-Multiple cameras for 3D mapping and targeting
-HUD (Heads Up Display)
-High Definition Night Vision
-Communications Antena and Relay
-Local signal jammer
-Multiple sights for main cannon:
-Drop Conpensation Scope
-Tactical Holographic
-Aerial Drone Targeting System
-Customizable Scope Options
-Oxygen Supply and Converter

Body Armor features:
-Heavy forward plating
-Nano Fibre Fabric armor under actual plating, for increased mobility and agility, also provides extra defense against explosives.
-Motorized joints for increased power and stability when firing the main cannon.
-Water Proof
-Heat resistant and spell-enhanced metal alloy platings.

And I have no idea why I just wrote all that. It was fun though. Screw the Solar Empire- FOR THE REPUBLIC!!
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is it just me or does that look Turian in design?
Jasper77Wang 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eh it's hard to be completely original with stuff like this. Some people say it's like a Halo Elite
Don't get me wrong it looks amazing, but I was playing Mass Effect and it was just the helmet that made me think of it. also that looks like a 50, anything on the business end would be nothing
Jasper77Wang 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope I didn't sound offended :/ I was just saying that there are only so many original combinations of things in what I call modern sci-fi
yeah their kinda running out of new things
superpika293 Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
yep, he's ready for war...
I see a serious flaw in the lack of ear protection for an artillery unit, although the lack of traditionally heavy vehicles like tanks and metal transports may mean that an equestrian's idea of artillery is vastly different than ours. Still, the shockwave is going to leave some painful ringing.
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